Carr Elliott is the founder of Captivating The Mind Photography and is available for hire.

   My name is Carr Elliott and my relationship with photography is one of love and creativity. The process has offered me a different way of seeing the world. It has taught me about myself and inspired me. Led me to rarely be without my camera. As a North Carolina native I have always been drawn to nature and the beautiful mountains of the Carolinas. My photographic style is a dynamic one and im always experimenting with new techniques. I am based currently out of Asheville, Nc and booking 2018 weddings. I am available for travel and would enjoy to do so. Printing and having something tangible to hold in your hand is a current focus of mine. With the pace at which everything is moving around us, having a photo in your hand or on the wall really has an impact. Stop the robots, start printing! You should join me on my journey and inquire about a session or creative direction you may have.

Much Love, Carr

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